Welcome to NU’s FolioTek ePortfolio system. FolioTek serves two important functions for our College of Education and our candidates. First, it is the primary means for our program to assign and collect important, state-required evaluations and key assessments. These are used to substantiate our candidate’s skills and knowledge, as well as provide data for program improvement. The FolioTek ePortfolio system also serves as an ePortfolio for our candidates as they apply for teaching positions in the field. Candidates will develop their Professional ePortfolio while taking the Professional Seminar during their last semester in the program. Here candidates will deposit important documents (e.g., resume, classroom management plan, family/community interaction philosophy, video clip of K-12 teaching example, etc.). Our program requires all candidates to be set up with a FolioTek account (the one-time fee is assessed as a lab fee for undergraduate candidates attached to their Schools and Society lab course, and as a course fee for MIT candidates attached to their Learning Psychology & Special Needs course). Each candidate’s FolioTek subscription is for five years, meaning their ePortfolio can travel with them well after graduation.

FolioTek has a substantial Help page that should aid with any questions or concerns you have about processing through their system. You can view the link to this page on the top right once you log on to your account; we’ve also provided the direct link below for your convenience. Overall, the ease of use and navigation of the FolioTek interface is much more user-friendly and straight forward. It is our hope that there will be far less confusion as you progress through the program and submit valuable information via FolioTek. If you do have concerns or questions, you are welcome to contact Zach Smith for further assistance (information below).

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NU COE Program Assistant: Zach Smith (425.889.5272)

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