Graduate Candidates

This schedule link includes dates for the 2018-2019 academic year. MEd candidate schedules depend on cohort and are delineated in the schedule linked below. All MIT candidates should have received a program planner with dates specific to your progression.  If you have not received your planner please contact Kara Santucci in the COE office.

Candidate Advising

Graduate candidates do not require semester-by-semester advising (as do undergrads).  The Dean of the COE serves as the ‘adviser’ for all grad candidate; clearing candidates for registration as well as responding to direct programming questions.  If you have specific registration or progression questions, please contact the COE office.

Graduate Program Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in applying for formal admission to the College of Education Graduate Programs at Northwest University. Specific details on our graduate application process and forms can be found at our NU COE Grad Page ( Shane Krumm serves as our COE graduate enrollment officer and is the liaison for all COE graduate applicants.

Master in Education program applicants are required to simply fill out the formal application that can be found at the above link. ProCert candidates can similarly find details at the NU COE grad page link (above), on the MEd and ProCert Application Instruction links (toward the bottom of this page), or you can contact Shane for more details.

Masters in Teaching (MIT) candidate application processes are outlined in the following sections.  Because the MIT program is a certification pathway certain state and COE requirements come into play.  Applying to the MIT Program involves a number of intentional steps. Most candidates find that the application process is quite rigorous. This is on purpose! The program itself is demanding and we want to make sure that those we admit have a strong chance of successfully completing the progression.  In other words, we don’t want to waste your tuition money!  Also, being hired as a P-12 teacher is competitive and we want to make sure our graduates have what it takes to be hired.  Therefore, in the application process, we take a careful look at each potential candidate, considering their potential and success in the teaching profession.  If you successfully navigate the process, you can rest assured that we are confident that you have what it takes to be a great teacher! [link to program progression rationale]  Outlined in detail below, the list of application steps include:

  1. Completing an endorsement appropriate undergraduate degree, making a 3.3 grade point average or higher in your last 60 credits (verified by official transcripts)
  2. Passing the WEST-B and appropriate WEST-E/NES Assessments
  3. Completion of Program Application, including three required references
  4. Group Interaction Competency (scheduled upon application submission)
  5. Submission of the required Candidate Reflection Paper
  6. An optional face-to-face interview may be required upon application review

Competency Requirements (MIT)

Core Curriculum Competency

All candidates must have successfully completed an endorsement appropriate undergraduate degree, making at least a 3.3 GPA in their last 60 credits. Any additional endorsement-required prerequisite courses must also be completed prior to program start (if pre-reqs are required, for conditional acceptance the candidate must present their plan to take care of those required courses; e.g., where the courses will be taken and when). Candidates must make a B- or above in all in-program MIT coursework in order to progress to the subsequent semester.

WEST: Content Competency

You must pass the WEST-B Exams in Mathematics, Reading and Writing and the appropriate WEST-E/NES assessments prior to program entry. These tests are administered by the Professional Educator Standards Board. Please see our COE WEST Policy for more information (link below). Test dates and registration information is also found at the ‘WEST Exam’ links below.

Group Interaction Competency Requirement

In addition, each candidate will be grouped with 3-5 other candidates for a group interaction exercise. Details on this aspect of the oral/social competency requirement are outlined at the following links:

Writing Competency

If you have taken Schools and Society (formerly Foundations of Education) at NU, then you were asked to write a course Reflection Paper.  This is the paper that is submitted for the writing competency, allowing the program to gain a better sense of your background, professional aptitude and writing competency.  You will simply need to revise your paper for submission.  The guide for the paper, including the scoring rubric is provided below.  The Reflection Paper will also be submitted through your FolioTek account.

Application Instructions and Forms (All Programs)

MIT Application Instructions:

MEd Application Instructions:

Key Admission Links

A number of key information will be helpful as you navigate the COE admissions process: