GYO Communication

Regular and consistent communication between all parties is a crucial element of an effective student-teaching experience. Please use the links below to find more information on best practices regarding mentor/student-teacher/supervisor communication. You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Best Communication Practices

Where to Find Answers to Your Questions

For questions related to 

Please contact Dr. Jeremy Delamarter, GYO Program – (425) 889-7781

For general inquiries and questions related to

  • Admissions
  • Course Registration

Please contact Kate Ramage, GYO Program Coordinator – (425) 889-5292

For questions related to

  • FolioTek

Please contact Zach Smith, COE Program – (425) 889-5272

For questions related to

  • Certification
  • Clock-hours for mentor teachers
  • Mentor/Supervisor Stipends

Please contact Pam Skolrud, Certification – (425) 889-5299

For questions related to

  • School District/University partnerships

Please contact Dr. Molly Quick, COE – (425) 889-5304

For questions related to

  • GYO coursework
  • Individual course requirements

Please contact the professors for the courses in question