GYO Program Expectations for Mentor Teachers


  • Mentor teachers should communicate with their student-teachers frequently and honestly. This includes pro-active communication, like arranging times to meet and debrief, and it also includes providing timely, targeted, and honest feedback regarding the student-teachers’ performance. See our feedback page for more information.
  • Mentor teachers should communicate concerns/feedback about their student-teachers to both the university field supervisor and the GYO program director as soon as they arise. In most cases, the university’s response will simply be to file the information away. Most issues work themselves out with time. However, we ask mentors to keep us in the loop with their candidates’ progress, because small issues that remain unaddressed often grow into larger issues down the road. Please don’t sit on the mild concern: report it, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It may be part of a larger pattern that only the university is aware of.
  • Mentor teachers should respond to official emails from the university within a reasonable time period (e.g. 48 hours).
  • For more information, see our GYO communication page


  • Mentor teachers should establish regular and consistent times for debriefing with student-teachers. For some, this will be before school. For others, it’s during lunch. Some mentor teachers prefer to use Microsoft’s One Note or other software for debriefing, while others like to debrief via text. There is no one way that works for everyone. The key is to find a method that works for you and your student teacher and to use it consistently. 

Evaluations & other required paperwork

  • Mentor teachers should complete official evaluations of their student-teachers at each of the prescribed evaluation points. Details about the evaluations can be found by following the link.
  • Mentor teachers should complete all other required program paperwork, including Clock Hours forms, W9 forms for tax purposes, The Mentor Teacher Survey, the Mentor Teacher Contract, and GYO Program Evaluations. These will be sent and submitted via email. 


    • In exchange for successful completion of their duties, mentor teachers will be compensated with up to $1000 and 35 clock hours. If a student-teacher has more than one official mentor, the $1000 will be split between the mentors proportionally to their mentoring workloads. These determinations are made by Northwest University.