Prospective Undergrad Info

Thank you for your interest in teaching and preparation through our teacher certification program. The teacher certification & training program at Northwest University is extensive, and provides depth in subject matter and an exceptional amount of time in the classroom working directly with a professional teacher in a local school. Because of these qualities, Northwest University enjoys a strong reputation in the educational community. This page provides a general explanation of our teacher preparation program and its requirements; please feel free to call the office of the College of Education at 425-889-5272 with any additional questions you may have. We again welcome you and encourage you to consider this exciting profession!

Program Overview

For most candidates, our program is an eight-semester (4-year) plan. The average academic load is typically fifteen-sixteen semester credits. All candidates seeking a Washington State teaching credential complete a 125 semester-credit program, which includes General Education Requirements, and a concluding three-phase professional sequence.

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•  Over the course of gaining your teacher certification, you will follow three phases throughout our program.

Phase I consists of introductory coursework, including General Education Core Requirements, content-area coursework, foundations coursework (i.e., Schools & Society, Educational Psychology), as well as application to the program. This phase is typically during your freshman and sophomore year.

Phase II begins after you are formally admitted into our education program (see program requirements below). This phase is devoted to educational theory and teaching methods courses, and is typically during your junior and fall of your senior year.

Phase III begins during the last semester of your senior year, where you are given the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge through half-time and full-time student teaching. Northwest maintains connections with both public & private schools in the greater Seattle area.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for formal application to the College of Education, a candidate must:

1. Have completed approximately 60 credits (elementary) or 60 credits (secondary/all-level) of general education requirements, the biblical studies core, and content area coursework.

2. Attempt the WEST-B exams in reading, writing, and math. Be sure to designate NU as a test score recipient (Institution #224).

3. Apply to the program, submit a reflection essay, successfully complete an oral competency speech and a group interaction exercise, demonstrate academic and dispositional aptitudes, and successfully navigate a formal program interview.

4. Earn and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. No grade may be lower than a “C” in core courses.

5. Attend mandatory admissions orientation at the beginning of application semester.

Transfer Candidates

Please meet with an academic adviser or Dean to develop a plan of study unique to your respective situations. Every effort will be made to minimize loss of credit and insure a smooth transition. The most frequent concern in transferring from a secular institution to Northwest University is the sixteen-credit biblical studies core requirement that must be accomplished prior to program application and acceptance. All transfer candidates who plan to enter the teacher preparation program at Northwest University should contact the College of Education office well in advance to confirm acceptance of courses taken at other institutions.

Transfer Student COE Application Policy