Candidate Resources

Preparing teachers is a complicated process that involves collaboration, support and resources.  On this page you will find some important and pertinent COE policies and guidelines, information on key program assessments, tools, timelines and COE office resources.  If you have questions on any of these please contact Zach Smith.


MIT Field Experience Overview PowerPoint
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Policies and Guidelines


WEST Assessments

Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

Key Assessments

Professional Growth Plans

Candidate Concerns


FolioTek ePortfolio


Student Teaching Timelines

College of Education Office Resources

  • AccuCut System – Alphabet, Calendar, Mathematics, Curriculum, Borders, and General use Dies are available. Each year, the COE office aims to add to its collection for your convenience and enjoyment. Please consult Assistant for instruction on first-time AccuCut use.
  • Specialty Paper – Create from Construction paper of various colors, foam board, window cling sheets, limited card stock, bulletin boarders, large bulletin paper, and magnetic sheets.
  • Laminate – Water/Wear-proof your materials with a DocuSeal Laminator at just $ .10-$ .25 a sheet. Please consult the COE Program Assistant for laminator use.
  • Art/Office Supplies – From staples and paper clips, to X-Acto cutters and watercolors, browse our collection of basic art and office supplies to help get things in colorful order. Bulletin Board and White Board kits are also available upon request for project check-out.
  • Classroom Manipulatives/Posters – A range of different subject matter manipulatives and educational posters, such as Connector-Cubes, Phonics Cards, plastic coins, geometric shapes, Painting prints, Instructional pointers, and various others are available upon request for check-out.
  • Ernestine Rice Memorial Children’s Library – see webpage for further information on this resource.