Undergraduate Candidates

Applicants applying in the Spring can reference program application requirements, due dates, and FolioTek instructions on this page. 

Current In-Program Candidates can find additional resources, including planner PDFs, here.

Application Due Dates

February 3rd, 2020 – Non COE names, recommendations, and experience with children forms emailed to COE.

February 11th and 12th, 2020 – Group Interaction Exercises & Program Speeches.

February 14th, 2020 – Program application documents and FolioTek Documents are due, please reference FolioTek instruction sheets and individual documents below.

February 25th, 2020 – Admissions Interviews

Candidate Advising

Your assigned adviser is available to assist you with course and program planning. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that you are taking the correct courses in the appropriate time sequence. Use the resources linked below as your guide.  Please note that Elementary Education endorsement candidates must also choose a Middle Level endorsement as part of their degree plan.  This ‘dual-endorsement’ is calculated into your degree progression.  Note to all endorsement candidates: you may choose multiple endorsements, but additional endorsements may affect your completion timeline.

Link to degree plans

Undergraduate Program Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in applying for formal admission to the College of Education at Northwest University. To progress to program application candidates must: 1) Successfully complete all appropriate Core Curriculum Requirements (CCR), including Bible core courses; 2) Successfully complete PSYC 2553 (Educational Psychology) and EDUC 2011/2012 (Schools & Society w/ lab), and; 3) Successful completion of, or progress in, appropriate endorsement area content courses.  You can check with your Advisor to determine your readiness to begin the formal admissions process.  Upon acceptance into the program, you will begin your four-semester plan culminating in full-time student teaching and Washington State certification.

Applying to the College of Education Professional Program involves a number of intentional steps. Most candidates find that the application process is quite rigorous.  This is on purpose!  The program itself is demanding and we want to make sure that those we admit have a strong chance of successfully completing the progression.  In other words, we don’t want to waste your tuition money!  Also, being hired as a P-12 teacher is competitive and we want to make sure our graduates have what it takes to be hired.  Therefore, in the application process, we take a careful look at each potential candidate, considering their potential and success in the teaching profession.  If you successfully navigate the process, you can rest assured that we are confident that you have what it takes to be a great teacher! The applications steps for entrance into each of two majors can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Competency Requirements

Core Curriculum Competency

All candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 at program admission and must maintain that GPA throughout their program.  Candidate must receive a “C” or higher in all individual Core Curriculum, Foundation, or endorsement content course.

Foundation Competency

You must complete the three Foundation courses: Schools and Society and Lab (EDUC 2012 and 2011) and Educational Psychology (PSYC 2553), with no individual course grade lower than a “C”.

Foundations Faculty Recommendation: Foundations professors from EDUC 2012 (Schools and Society) and PSYC 2553 (Educational Psychology) must complete the “Foundations Faculty Recommendation” form. The form requires the professor to rank the potential candidate in areas of academic performance, professional skill, and professional behavior. These recommendations are submitted through your FolioTek account.

WEST-B: Basic Skills Competency

You must attempt the WEST-B Exams in Mathematics, Reading and Writing. These tests are administered by the Professional Educator Standards Board. Please see our COE WEST Policy for more information (link below). Test dates and registration information is also found at the ‘West-B Exams’ link below.

Oral Competency Requirement

Each applicant is required to give a five to ten minute speech on the topic: “Why I Want to be a Teacher” The links below provide the overview for the speech and the evaluation rubric.

Group Interaction Competency Requirement

In addition, each candidate will be grouped with 3-5 other candidates for a group interaction exercise.  This exercise will directly follow the oral speech portion outlined above. Details on this aspect of the oral/social competency requirement are outlined at the following links:

Experience with Children/Youth

In the COE we require all undergrad candidates to accumulate at least twenty-five hours of formally supervised experience with children/youth prior to program admission. This is formally measured by the required ‘Experience with Youth’ recommendation from the candidate’s supervisor as part of the program application packet.

Non-College of Ed Faculty Recommendation

Along with their ‘foundation’ courses faculty recommendation, each candidate is also required to collect and submit a recommendation from a non-College of Education NU Faculty member; preferably a professor who teaches in your endorsement content area .  This recommendation is also submitted through your FolioTek account.

Writing Competency

If you have taken Schools and Society at NU, then you were asked to write a course Reflection Paper.  This is the paper that is submitted for the writing competency, allowing the program to gain a better sense of your background, professional aptitude and writing competency.  You will simply need to revise your paper for submission.  The guide for the paper, including the scoring rubric is provided below.  The Reflection Paper will also be submitted through your FolioTek account.

Interview Competency

This is the final step in the admissions process. The interview is conducted by the School of Education Faculty in cooperation with our Professional Education Advisory Board and field practitioners (local school teachers and administrators).  The twenty minute interview will focus on your Reflection paper, your professional aptitude, your experience with children, and your passion to be a teacher.  The guide below will give you a helpful sense of what to expect.

Application Forms Checklist

The following ‘forms’ or paperwork are required as part of the application process. Many of these are outlined above:

Forms List:

  • You will be sent an email with initial FolioTek Log-In Instructions once your account is activated.
  • Program Application Form (submitted through FolioTek)
  • Reflection Paper (submitted through FolioTek)
  • Non-COE Faculty Recommendation (submitted through FolioTek)
  • Foundations Recommendations (PSYC 2553/EDUC 2012) (submitted through FolioTek)
  • Code of Ethics Form (submitted through FolioTek)
  • Recent Experience with Children/Youth Form (submitted through FolioTek by an individual who supervised you in your work with children or youth)

Key Admission Links

A number of key information will be helpful as you navigate the COE admissions process: