Additional Costs & Fees

The Buntain College of Nursing wants to alert you to the following costs and fees. We make every effort to keep this chart up to date however costs and fees are subject to change.

External Vendors Amount
Passport (due by June 30th of the year admitted) 110.00 – 220.00
American Data Bank – Junior Year – additional fees may apply 99.00
American Data Bank – Senior Year – additional fees may apply 25.00
NU – AHA Provider Level CPR (paid orientation weekend) 85.00
Clinical Costs (paid orientation weekend) Amount
NU Lab Coat 25.00
NU Scrub Tops (recommend 2)  23.00 ea.
NU Scrub Pants (recommend 2)  20.00 ea.
Black or white long sleeve t-shirts ~ 25.00
Black or white socks ~15.00
White Shoes ≥ 50.00
Transportation to/from clinical site & parking (throughout program) Varies
Clinical Supplies (paid orientation weekend) Amount
Stethoscope (Littmann Classic II SE)  available for purchase at orientation 75.00-100.00
Analog watch with second hand (before first semester) ~20.00
BP Cuff (Traditional) (Prestige Medical 79 series) available for purchase at orientation ~30.00
NU ID Badge (purchase at orientation) 10.00
Clinical Requirements Amount
Health Insurance Varies
Annual Physical (Medical clearance for participation) Varies
Immunizations/Titers (see list on junior cohort page) Varies
Travel Clinic (first semester of the senior year) Varies
Course Fees  Amount
FolioTek (first semester – one time) 67.00
Trip fee (1,100.00 ea semester) 4,400.00
Drug Testing (senior year clinical site specific) ~60.00
Clinical Fee 150.00 per practicum credit (6 credits per semester) 3,600.00
ATI (2019 cohort – first semester – one time) 1,336.00
Graduation Fee (first semester – one time) 70.00
Books – Current Editions Required Amount
First semester ~1,500.00
Second semester ~600.00
Third semester ~600.00
Fourth semester ~600.00
Additional Supplies Amount
Laptop Varies
USB storage device Varies
Course specific project supplies per semester ≤ 50.00
Recommended Amount
NCLEX preparation course (end of senior year) ~500.00
  • Sales tax will apply to some of the fees above.
  • Fees subject to change