Nursing Practice as Ministry

From the very beginning, we designed this program for a special class of students…men and women who are pursuing a career in nursing from a sense of calling.

Nurses care for people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  The Buntain College of Nursing curriculum will prepare students through study, clinical experiences, and interaction with nursing experts to meet these challenges.  They will learn how to define, identify, and promote desirable health outcomes with patients from varied cultural backgrounds who present unique needs.

A hallmark of the Buntain College of Nursing program is a capstone, cross-cultural course taken in the final semester of the senior year.  The student is required to participate in a three week long nursing and ministry immersion experience that requires effectiveness in a cultural setting different than one’s own.  Sites may vary from year to year.

Whether working with the affluent in a metropolitan area or the destitute in a foreign land, graduates will be equipped to show Christ’s love through skilled hands of compassion.

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