Faculty and Curriculum

The Buntain College of Nursing curriculum prepares students through study, clinical experiences, and interaction with nursing experts to meet the challenges of nursing.  Students will develop proficiency in assessing health conditions and providing care consistent with the highest standards.  They will learn how to define, identify, and promote desirable health outcomes with patients from varied cultural backgrounds who present unique needs.  Students will also gain an understanding of leadership skills enabling them to affect positive change in the health care organizations of the future.

Our faculty is committed to inspire students to a life of ministry in nursing.  The curriculum is designed to keep ministry in the forefront of each student’s mind.  After graduating and successfully passing the licensure exam, some will pursue a call that may take them to a desperate third-world outreach.  Others will express their ministry through nursing in their local communities and can participate in short-term missions ventures throughout their careers.

College of Nursing Faculty

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