Varicella (Chicken Pox)

IMPORTANT: Documentation due to ADB by June 30th – Failure to meet the deadlines and requirements of the onboarding process may jeopardize your place in the Fall nursing cohort.

Varicella Vaccine

Documentation of immunity is required by vaccination or titer and must be uploaded to the American Data Bank website.

Documentation required for each dose must include (1) the date of vaccination and (2) the name of the healthcare provider.

Documentation required for the titer must be (1) a type written,  (2) quantitative lab report which includes the (3) collection date, (4) the titer reference range, (5) the titer result, and (6) the name of the lab. No handwritten reports will be accepted.


Option 1 – Immunization Series

  • The vaccination is given in a 2 dose series. (Upload documented proof of each dose to American Data Bank.)
  • There must be at least 1 month between the doses. 
  • NOTE: A Varicella vaccination cannot be given within 30 days of receiving a PPD test, or an MMR vaccine unless they are placed on the same day.

Option 2 – Proof of Immunization by Titer

  • A titer (serologic testing) is necessary to determine if you are immune. The lab report should be quantitative and/or specify test results in a reference range.
  • If the titer is negative or equivocal you must submit proof of receiving a varicella booster dated after your titer. 
  • Upload documented proof of each titer to American Data Bank.

CDC Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine Information Statement

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