ATI TEAS FAQ for the Buntain School of Nursing


The cost of the ATI TEAS is $65.00 and it is due at the start of the test (fee is subject to change on July 1, 2019). You may pay by check (made out to Northwest University) or cash. You may also pay via Credit Card online when you register with an added fee.

What to Expect

  • The test is taken on the computer.
  • The test will begin 30 minutes after the posted time to allow for bookkeeping and instructions.
  • You must arrive at the posted time to ensure all forms are filled out and all instructions are heard.
  • Students arriving after the test has started will not be admitted to the testing center.

How long is the test?

The test takes a maximum of 3 1/2 hours but with the instructions you should plan 4 hours in the testing center.

What should I bring to the test?

  1. A valid state or federal picture identification (driver’s license, passport, green card, etc.)
  2. Your ATI user name and password. Available at ATItesting.
  3. A bottle of water
  4. Pencil or pen

What can’t I bring to the test? (strictly enforced)

  1. Calculator
  2. MP3 player/IPod
  3. Cell phone or pager
  4. Scratch paper (provided by the testing center)
  5. Children
  6. Food


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? or 425-889-7822

Can I update my registration information or cancel my reservation?
Yes, up to three days before your test date.

What is a passing ATI TEAS score at the Buntain School of Nursing?
An eligible score is ranked in the 50th percentile for all BSN program applicants. At this time, it is equivalent to the Adjusted Individual Total Score of 70.7%.

How long is my ATI TEAS score report valid?
The Buntain School of Nursing will accept an ATI TEAS score report for 5 years.

If I do not earn a score ranked in the BSN program 50th percentile or higher what are my options?
You may retake the exam. However, a waiting period of 3 months is required between test dates.

How many times will the Buntain School of Nursing allow an applicant to take the ATI TEAS?
An applicant is given 3 attempts to reach the BSN program 50th percentile to qualify for the Buntain School of Nursing.

If I earn a score ranked in the BSN program 50th percentile or higher but I am still not happy with that score should I retake the exam?
This is your decision. It is important to know, the most recent score is used in the admission evaluation.

Can I take the ATI TEAS at another location?
Yes, please upload your score report to your NursingCAS application in the Documents section. Please note the percentile rank will be different depending on the program type assigned to that test location i.e. LPN, ADN, or BSN. Once your ATI TEAS score sheet has been received we will then convert your percentile rank to the corresponding BSN percentile rank for your “Adjusted Individual Total Score”.

If I take the ATI TEAS after the application priority due date what will happen to my Buntain School of Nursing Application?
Your NursingCAS application is not complete without the ATI TEAS score report. Your application will be reviewed on a space available basis once the ATI TEAS score report is received.

Will additional dates be added to this schedule?
The ATI TEAS schedule is regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed. In addition to the fall schedule, the test is offered individually February through July. We will not offer the test in August or September.

How do I apply to the Buntain School of Nursing?
Applications are online at NursingCAS. Use the School drop down list to locate Northwest University.