Program Resources and Forms

Cohort Curriculum Tracks

The Psy.D. Handbook contains a list of all the courses you need to take in the program; however, curriculum tracks may vary by cohort. Please use the following links to view your cohort’s specific curriculum track:

Cohort 7  |  Cohort 8  |  Cohort 9  |  Cohort 10 | Cohort 11

First Year Required Therapy Hours

Once you have completed the ten hours of therapy, please hand in the following form to the Program Coordinator: Counseling Verification Form

Additional Resource: Counseling Referral List

Where Do I Find Clinical and Dissertation Forms?

All clinical and dissertation forms are in the student handbook. Please use the versions available in the current year’s handbook as they often get updated year on year. Clinical forms must be submitted to Dr. Jenny Harris, DCT. Dissertation forms must be submitted to your Dissertation Chair.

Competency Assessment and Feedback

Each academic year, the core faculty provide feedback to students on their progress demonstrating required competencies. A detailed listing of the competencies and their evaluation methods are provided here.

Additionally, here is a copy of the feedback form given to students each year.

Research and Conference Presentations

Students are highly encouraged to participate in research and to present their finds at professional conferences. A limited number of scholarships are available each year to student to support their research and professional development.

Conference Scholarship Application


Where should I be on my dissertation?

Doctoral Candidacy

Students who are pursuing teaching positions and have successfully defended their dissertation are eligible to receive doctoral candidacy status: Doctoral Candidacy Application 

Helpful Information for WA State Licensure

Here are a few helpful links when applying for licensure as a psychologist in the State of Washington.

Criminal Records and Social Security Numbers 

Cohorts 2-5 Course Information and the WA State Educational Requirements 

Cohort 1a and 1b Course Information and WA State Educational Requirements