ICD Attendance Policy and Appeal Form

Class attendance is extremely important for student learning and achievement of specified course outcomes and, in turn, the program aims. Hence, attendance at all class sessions is expected. At minimum, students absent for a class session will need to make up any missed assignments or exercises, complete the expected readings, and watch Panopto recordings of the class if available. A grade penalty will be applied if more than one class session is missed. Additional policies and consequences are at the discretion of the individual professor of the course. More than two missed class sessions will result in failure of the course and require a retake to continue in the program. In this circumstance, the student is encouraged to withdraw from the course and retake the class when it is offered again. In the event of unusual circumstances (e.g., extended illness, emergency), a student may appeal the automatic course failure. A proposal outlining a plan for satisfactory course completion will be required, composed by the professor and agreed to by the student. In addition, the plan will require approval by the program director and Dean.

Attendance Policy Appeal Form

Please fill out the above form to appeal automatic course failure from missing more than one class session, due to extenuating circumstances, and e-mail to your Instructor.  *In order to auto fill with signatures you must save this document with “save as” (right click on the gray, not on the form, choose “save as”; give it a name) it should save in the adobe format which will allow you to fill in an electronic signature. 

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