Canadian Travel Course Spring 2016

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Art and Culture of Northwest Native Peoples

* Understand Culture through the Eyes of Artists
* Explore Whistler and Vancouver Island
* Visit ancient First Nation sites and Meet contemporary artists
* Sketch at Art museums
* Mountain bike, hike at 6,000 feet or go Zip Lining

This May we depart on Tuesday, May 12 and return on Sunday.


An intensive learning experience
former students highly recommend.


FEE is $900 for six days in Canada!

Benefit to you?  You can focus on your other classes since most of the “seat time” for this class is during the travel that doesn’t start until the semester is over!

Complete some online assignments, attend two group sessions in the spring. Then travel for credit!

Add photography (two credits) and or drawing (one credit) with NU Professor Matt Whitney for an additional 3 credits.

Art by Blaine Billman

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday May 12: Kirkland to Vancouver (correct dates posted nearer the trip)
8:15 AM Meet at Crowder Hall on NU campus
Arrive Tulalip Resort, orientation lecture
Hilbulb Culture Center, talk by director, tour of museum.

Group Kick Off lunch in Vancouver

Arrive Sylvia Hotel

Wednesday 13: Vancouver to Whistler
UBC Museum of Anthropology
Lunch at MoA on your own
Depart Vancouver 3 PM. 
Arrive Whistler Sundial Hotel 5:30 PM
Group dinner

Thursday 14: Whistler
Cultural Center in morning, hike, bike, Zip Line. free day

Friday 15: Whistler to Victoria
4:00 PM Tour of Duncan city totems.
5:00 PM Cowichan Cultural Center Salmon dinner and dance performance.
8:30 PM Arrive Victoria Best Western Carlton Hotel

Saturday 16: Victoria
Royal BC Museum in morning, free day
Farewell dinner

Sunday 17: Victoria to Kirkland
Depart hotel 9:30 AM, return Kirkland about 5:30 PM.
Students rave about this enriching travel course. See comments below. 

Questions? Contact Coordinator Prof. Gary Gillespie.

Anthropology of Northwest Native Peoples meets as a class for two sessions Tuesday Thursday from 6 PM to 8 PM on March 13 and 15.
Dates of travel to Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria are May 7 to 12 (five nights, six days). $900 fee includes six group meals, transportation, museums, activities and lodging. Three students share spacious suites each with own bed.

Dates of travel to Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria are May 7 to 12 (five nights, six days).

Don’t pass up this intensive learning experience that former students have said is the BEST COURSE OF THEIR COLLEGE CAREER!

Six days of travel, two, two hour sessions after spring break and homework assignments before the class begins.

NOTE:  When you enroll, your $900 fee is charged to your account. Why? Because we have to book and pay deposits for hotels, group meals, and ferry reservations. If you say you are in, then drop out later in the semester, we are unable to pay or plan. However, if a student has a serious, valid reason (presented in a formal appeal) for dropping out before the travel, they will lose a $150 non-refundable deposit we need to cover our costs of paying deposits before the travel. Bottom line: sign up for this travel course only if you are committed. But, seriously, no will not be disappointed. This class is a blast.

Keep in mind your financial aid should cover the fee.

This will be our seventh class!

Students Comments from past ANWNP Courses

  • I really enjoyed the class. Hands down, it has been my favorite class in my four years at NU.  It gave me a new appreciation of a culture outside my own.  The class trip brought the students outside the traditional classroom and provided an experience that was completely unique.   – Kassi
  • It was very interesting and educational.  Going to the museums and seeing the
    things we had discussed in class brought the material to life and made it more interesting.  This has been my favorite class so far in my college experience. –
  •  I enjoyed the angle that we took on the study of culture, the focus on Native
    art.  I absolutely love art, and it was very helpful to learn about a specific culture through the art that they create. – Ashley
  • The Anthropology of Northwest Native Peoples is a great course that offers a really unique body of knowledge that is otherwise not available at Northwest.  I especially enjoyed the fieldwork part of the course, and learning visually about Northwest Natives.  – Danny
  •  This course was fabulous!  It felt like a quick submersion into a different culture.  Our surrounding community is rich with different traditions, beliefs, histories, and worldviews that we normally don’t focus on.  It is great to become more knowledgeable about our neighbors, and more aware of the world around us. – Deanna
  •  The Anthropology of Northwest Native Peoples was a phenomenal class!  As an Alaskan Native student, having the opportunity for exposure to different yet similar cultures was so exciting.  Looking at cultural difference is especially important when we live in Kirkland, which is not such a diverse place.  The professor was extremely qualified and touched on topics that were thought provoking and informative.  If I had the opportunity to take this course again, I would sign up in a heartbeat! – Tiffany

    About the Instructor
    Dr. Forrest Inslee is a scholar in the field of intercultural
    communication and cultural studies.  He earned his BA in
    English, as well as an MA and PhD in Intercultural Communication
    at Northwestern University in Chicago.  He later earned a second
    Masters in Intercultural Theological Education at Regent College
    in Vancouver, BC.  He has fifteen years experience as a college
    professor, teaching at Northwestern University, Loyola
    University, Trinity International University, National Louis
    University, Halic University (Istanbul), and Seattle Pacific
    University.  He currently serves on the faculty of Northwest
    University as a student advisor and instructor.  Dr. Inslee has
    done extensive research on several different culture groups.
    His Masters research at Northwestern University focused on
    performative expressions among northwest coast Native peoples.
  • Summer 2012 ARTE 1342 Intro to Photography, professional news photographer Peg Achterman.
  • About the Travel Director
    Communication Professor Gary Gillespie, will serve as course
    coordinator. He is a long time collector of native artifacts and
    is a student of northwest native myth and art who has visited
    all of the museums in the area devoted to this subject many



Report on 2012 Class:

Students Enjoy Ethnographic Adventure:
Anthropology of Northwest Natives People Travel a Success

Kirkland, WA May 16, 2012

16 Northwest University students — 9 undergraduates and 7 graduate students — enrolled in the communication course Anthropology of Northwest Natives People. The students enjoyed studying the culture of native tribal people on the west coast by competing online assignments based on readings and local site visits and attending two lectures by professor Forrest Inslee, who specializes in culture and native people.

Travel director was NU Communication professor Gary Gillespie.

The course culminated in six days of travel to Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria Canada to visit native sites and talk first nations people. The travel portion of the course began on Monday, May 7 and ended on Saturday the 12.

Students focused their study on producing a final presentation to the class about a native artifact or cultural topic at the farewell dinner on Friday night in Victoria. Final topics included totem poles, canoes, native myths, the potlatch and initiation ceremonies as well as herbal healing methods. Students were assigned to study traditional forms of the artifact and to discuss how the forms are expressed today.

Students enjoyed the sunny weather for the trip. In addition to visiting 6 museums and cultural centers, the group took part in such activities as zip lining in Whistler, walking on the beach and around town, going to the movies and visiting Butchart Gardens.

Special thanks to the following people who worked to make our trip a success.

Susan who helped coordinate Graduate registration.
Mary at the Tulalip Cultural Center in Marysville. She arranged to open the facility especially for our group.
Cecilia for speaking to our group about the Tulalip people.
Kevin at the Shaunghnessy Restaurant in Vancouver who hosted our kick off lunch.
Chantelle, group director for the Sylvia Hotel in Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Bill at the Tomahawk Barbeque in North Vancouver who gave us a group discount.
Jasmine and Teryle at the Sundial
Hotel in Whistler who provided excellent service.
Carl, Bill, and Josh who guided our tour of the Squamish- Lilwat Culture Center in Whistler. Kerry and Alana at the Adventure Group Whistler for arranging our zip line tour.
Fiona at Ingrid’s Catering for making our lunch at Whistler.
MaryAnn at the Duncan Development Center and Ron who guided our Totem Walk in Duncan.
Mary and John who hosted our visit of the Quw’utsun’ Cultural Center in Duncan that included a tour of the grounds, dinner and first nation’s dance performance. It was the best yet.
Cheryl, group director at the Carlton Best Western Hotel in Victoria and all of the staff and bellmen who did a superb job.
Frazer at the Stone Throw Restaurant for catering our lunch in Victoria.
Georgian at the Don Mee’s restaurant in Victoria who hosted our farewell dinner.

Actual 2012 Itinerary in Red recorded after the trip

Monday May 7: Kirkland to Vancouver
8:15 AM Meet at
Crowder Hall on NU campus

9:00 Arrive
Tulalip Resort Hotel, orientation
10200 Quil Ceda Boulevard Tulalip, WA 98271

360) 716-7162

–> 10:20 T
ulalip Hibulb Cultural Center.
6410 – 23rd Avenue NE

Tulalip, WA 98271


departed 11:40

–> 1:45 Group Kick Off lunch at Van Dusen Garden
Shaughnessy Restaurant
5251 Oak Street
(at 37th Avenue),

Vancouver, BC

(604) 261-0011

2:00 PM
–> 4 PM Totem Park in Stanley Park

3:30 PM Arrive
–> 5 PM Sylvia Hotel
1154 Gilford Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2P6, Canada
(604) 681-9321

4:00 PM Rest of afternoon and evening on your own.
Explore Stanley Park
Stanley Park photos

6:30 PM Dinner on your own on
Denman Street

8:00 PM suggestion:
Milano Coffee & Gelato

9:00 PM Suggestion:
Denman Cinema

Tuesday 8: Vancouver to Whistler
9:15 AM Luggage in lobby

10:00 AM 
UBC Museum of Anthropology
6393 N.W. Marine Drive Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2
(604) 822 5087

1:15 PM
–> 1 PM Lunch at the Tomahawk

2:45 PM Depart Vancouver

5:00 PM Arrive
Whistler Sundial Hotel
4340 Sundial Crescent, Whistler, B.C., Canada, VON 1B4

6:30 PM Group dinner near hotel at The Old Spaghetti Factory
Group menu, Bella Pasta Package
Wednesday 9: Whistler
9:15 AM [should leave hotel at 9 to make drum ceremony]
Squamish Lilwat Cultural Center tour, storytelling, bentwood box craft and group BBQ lunch.
4584 Blackcomb Way, Whistler BC Canada V0N 1B4, 1 866 441 7522

1:00 PM Free day in afternoon and evening.

1:30 Ride
Wizard Ski Lift to top of Blackcomb Mountain.
1:40 PM
Zoom Zip line tour begins at Whistler Gondola The Adventure Group Whistler (604) 932 0647
2:00 Bike ride group meets at Bike Rental shop.
Summit Sports
Hilton Whistler Resort
Tel: 604 932 6225

Located at the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and only 50 ft from the park lifts.
6:30 PM Dinner on your own.
Thursday 10: Whistler to Victoria
8:50 AM Luggage in lobby
–> depart hotel 9:09 AM
[added stop at Tim Hortons and Squamish overlook]

11:00 AM
–> arrive 11:25 AM Horseshoe Bay Ferry to Vancouver Island.
Boxed lunchprovided. Order you choice here
3:00 PM
–> 3:20 PM Chemainus site seeing
4:30 PM
Totem Walk in Duncan
5:30 PM
–> 5:38 PM 

8:30 PM
–> 9 PM Arrive Victoria Best Western Carlton Hotel
(800) 663-7241/(250) 388-5513
South on Highway one to 17
Turn right on Pandora St

Turn left on Broad St

Turn left on Johnson St. The hotel is on your left
Friday 11:Victoria
9:30 AM
Royal BC Museum
675 Belleville Street

Victoria, BC Canada

V8W 9W2

(250) 356-RBCM (7226)

12:30 PM free day,
Explore Victoria
Lunch on your own
Murchie’s Tea & Coffee
Beacon Hill Park Victoria

6:45 PM Meet in Lobby to walk to Farewell dinner at Don Mee’s in
China Town,
Student presentations. PowerPoint available.
Returned to hotel at 10:30 PM
Saturday 12: Victoria to Kirkland
9:15 AM luggage in lobby
9:30 AM Depart hotel for Washington State Ferry
Box lunch provided –> arrived 10 AM, almost first in line
6:00 PM return Kirkland –> 5 PM

Six days of travel beginning May 7 plus two class sessions after spring break — (Tuesday and Thursday, March 13 and April 10 from 6 PM to 8 PM.)

Students also must complete homework assignments based on a text before the travel begins.

LEAP and graduate students are welcome. Married couples get their own room. Kids welcome if you drive your own car.

Join culture expert Dr. Forrest Inslee for an intensive look at native art and communication. Learn the traditional way of life of the First Nations Peoples of the Northwest Coast — and    how these cultures are expressed today — from the perspectives of communication studies.

Visit ancient village sites, meet contemporary native dancers and artists and see the best museums devoted to the subject in the world.

In Whistler you may choose to hike at 6,000 feet, bike around town or join a Zip Line tour! (You choose — costs are included in your fee).  Experience one of the most popular tourist sites in the world — the city of Victoria. Stay downtown in the sophisticated city of Vancouver.

Learn about art and culture from a communication professor who wrote one of his dissertations on the topic.

Attend two class sessions after spring break. Complete online assignments, read the textbook and visit local sites on your own, then join the group for a five night and six day trip to Canada. Earn three credits for your General University Requirements under “any course in Communication”. Counts as one of the Communication major electives too.

In addition to attending lectures and completing on site assignments, students present an oral report and turn in written assignments based on your research.
It is a Spring 2012 course with two class sessions, and some online assignments before the travel begins in May — that means that your aid may cover the fee.




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