Dramatic Studies Concentration

Students majoring in Communication with a concentration in Dramatic Studies will develop competence in communication with a focus in the theatrical arts. Such competence includes familiarization with various communication theories and practice with dramatic literature, theory, history, and practical application.

The primary focus of the Dramatic Studies concentration is on the craft of acting. Within this focus, students come to appreciate human experience as presented in dramatic literature, with critique or analysis from a Christian aesthetic or world view.

Students pursuing this concentration learn valuable personal and social skills – from self-discipline and confidence in public communication to risk-taking and successful navigation of group endeavors. Competence in a concentration in Dramatic Studies will prepare students for success in a variety of career areas including the performing arts, education, media, and the ministry, as well as prepare students for graduate study.

Graduates from this concentration will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate a diverse selection of dramatic literature.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in practical, creative skills related to theater production.


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