Human Communication Concentration

Students who major in Communication with a concentration in Human Communication focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use communication in their personal, work, community, and church life.  Drawing on the fields of business and psychology, this concentration provides an understanding in how humans interact and communicate effectively.

Knowledge of the theories and practices of communication permits students to appreciate the complex processes of human relations through the framework of Christian faith and values. The Communication Studies major with a concentration in Human Communication prepares students to work in a variety of career fields, in addition to preparing students for graduate studies or seminary.

Course work includes an internship in which students serve as interns at professional, faith-based, or other community organizations. Students pursuing this major gain a broad-based liberal arts education and acquire valuable leadership skills – from confidence in public communication to conflict resolution.

Graduates from this concentration will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Practice effective listening skills.
  • Generate respectful interpersonal responses.


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