Media & Society Concentration

Students who major in Communication with a concentration in Media & Society seek to understand how storytelling is changing our world.

They are interested in how the news media function, what role government messaging and policy plays in our collective understanding of current events, and how public relations informs our perception of capitalistic enterprise. The Communication Studies major with a concentration in Media & Society helps prepare students with the requisite skills to succeed in careers in government, mass media, and journalism.

Students in this concentration will learn theories that underpin mass communication, communication technology, and public relations. They will learn basic and advanced concepts for media literacy, becoming adept consumers but also producers of messages. Students in this concentration will understand how businesses and governments alike create and convey ideas through complex media content.  Coursework includes such topics as mass communication, public relations, journalism, media law, media history, and communication technology.

Graduates from this concentration will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate mass-media messages in multiple mediums.
  • Analyze how media and technological development influence mass communication.


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