Fall 2018: Fools

By Neil Simon

Directed by Chrystal Helmcke


Dates: November 2, 3, 9, and 10

Location: Millard Hall Theatre


From one of American’s most beloved and prolific playwrights comes a comic fable quite unlike any other. The witty writing of Neil Simon tells the story of the simple villagers of Kulyenchikov. Held under a curse of “stupidity” from cradle to grave by the dreaded Count Yousekevitch, the Kulyenchikovites dream of a day when they will once again think and speak with intelligence. Their hopes are raised anew when a bright, enthusiastic, and confident new teacher arrives in town. But matters get a little complicated when the new teacher falls in love with the darling young daughter of the town doctor. Can Leon Tolchinsky Steponovitch save the town and marry his sweetheart?