Jane Eyre: The Musical

Jane Eyre: The Musical

Spring 2012: Jane Eyre: The Musical

Music & Lyrics by Paul Gordon

Book & Additional Lyrics by John Caird

Based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte

Directed by Candace Vance

Dates: November 17-21

Location: Millard Hall Theatre


Jane Eyre, a young orphan, is living at Gateshead but is ill-treated by her Aunt Mrs. Reed and cousin John Reed. Jane is sent to a boarding school. Over the years, Jane becomes a teacher at the boarding school but longs to see other sights. She becomes a tutor of Adele Varens, a young French girl who lives at Thornfield Hall as the ward of the owner, Rochester. When a fire breaks out, Jane puts it out and saves Edward’s life, and the two become close. Edward, however, cannot accept his affection for Jane, and so invites wealthy guests as a distraction. It appears that Blanche Ingram and Edward may be getting married, and Jane is unhappy.