Under Milkwood

Spring 2021: Under Milk Wood

By Dylan Thomas

Directed by Chrystal Helmcke


Dates: April 16 & 17 at 7:30 pm

Location: Hobson Theatre at Millard Hall and Livestreamed on YouTube


Under Milk Wood is a wordy, poetic, and sometimes odd recounting of the quirky characters in a small, imaginary, seaside town in Wales. It begins in the pre-dawn hours with “First Voice” and “Second Voice” (narrator characters) describing the town and some of its denizens, living and dead. The story progresses through the day describing and sharing the dialogue of the people. Many of the people are rather wacky! There are marital spats and gossipy neighbors and drunken sailors and unrequited love. There is orneriness, tenderness, guile, melancholy, and beauty all wrapped-up in the characters’ lives and interactions.