About Professor Young

About Professor Emerita Julia Young

Professor Julia Young combined a deep love for writing, teaching, faith, and family in her career spanning 21 years at Northwest University. Professor Young, a native of Tifton, Georgia, came to Seattle in 1972 after completing a BA from Valdosta State College and a MA from Auburn University in English Literature. She began teaching at North Seattle Community College, while her husband, Mike, worked in Law. After the arrival of her second daughter, Professor Young chose to stay at home to raise her two daughters, Laura and Amy.

In 1991, with her two daughters nearly through high school, Professor Young began seeking another formal teaching position. While driving on I-405, she saw a sign for Northwest College. After a little investigation and finding a pleasing campus and Christian mission, she wrote a letter to Provost Marshall Flowers inquiring about a position. In the Fall of 1991, Professor Young taught her first class at Northwest College, English 101. She taught each subsequent semester until her retirement in Spring 2012, leaving with 21 years of service, promotion to Professor Emerita, and hundreds of adoring students and colleagues.

In addition to teaching at Northwest University, Professor Young is a playwright, author, painter, and editor. Besides working on many dramatic productions at Northwest University, Professor Young wrote, produced, and directed her own play, Shakespeare Brewed and Skewed. After becoming a grandmother, Professor Young wrote and illustrated children’s books for each of her grandchildren. She also advised the university news publication The Talon, advised on faculty and graduate research projects, and coached students on Baccalaureate and Commencement speeches.

In her retirement, Professor Young continues to work with writers as a Content Editor and Writing Coach for graduate students at Northwest University. If you’d like to know more about her editing and coaching services, you can contact her at Julia.young@northwestu.edu

Professor Young and Good Writing

Professor Young loves writing. Every student leaving her class can recount her deft ability to track down passive voice and her dedication to make students leave as better writers.  In one of her favorite classes to teach, Structure of English, she challenged students to learn form and function, not just to become good editors and teachers of grammar, but also to allow the students to manipulate language and structure to extract precise meaning and focus.

Although Professor Young values correct writing, precise word choice and intentional structure, she believes that all writing is a genuine path of discovery. This path involves the writer working through an idea, and then taking the reader on the same journey of discovery. In short, good writing involves effort and a destination. Correct writing without effort and meaning does little to inspire and inform. She also takes great pleasure in learning from her students’ essays and finding new challenges in their inquiries.