Coordinator Conference 2018


Thursday | New Partner Training

Getting Started (23 mins)

Advising & Academic Success (23 mins) Slideshow PDF

Setting Up Your Internship (27 mins) Slideshow PDF    More Resources

Student Orientation (27 mins) Slideshow PDF     More Resources

Friday | Workshops & Roundtables

Habits of Highly Effective Coordinators (47 mins)

Coordinator Role in NU Online & Academic Success (44 mins) Slideshow PDF

Student Financial Services (34 mins) Slideshow PDF

Flow of the Semester     Financial Roadmap    Navigating Eagle for Finances    Financial FAQ’s

Challenges NPP’s Face (40 mins) Slideshow PDF

Hosting a Killer Open House (43 mins) Slideshow PDF

Admissions & International Students     Slideshow PDF

Taking Your NPP to the Next Level     Slideshow PDF


If you need any additional resources, documents or training, contact