Where to Look on Eagle Salem

NOTE: Eagle is the intranet for NU and has a link to every Kirkland office you will need; Eagle Oregon is for the Oregon Campus; Discovery is your online classroom; Self-Service is the registrar and business office records of your student business at NU-Oregon.

Add or drop a course after you have registered: Eagle/Departments/Registrar, and choose Forms on the right.  Select Request Registration Change.

Request a transcript: Eagle/Departments/Registrar, and choose Forms on the right

View your unofficial transcript: Self-Service, Grades tab

Apply for graduation: Eagle/Departments/Registrar, and choose Forms on the right. Do this in January of the year before you plan to graduate. It triggers an official graduation audit to make sure you are on track for finishing your courses.

Get financial aid information: Eagle/Departments/Financial Aid Services, and explore the page

Set up your payment plan (to make monthly payments on any amount that you owe over the financial aid you receive):  Eagle/Departments/Financial Aid Services, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and click on Tuition Management on the right

See your student account or financial aid award:  Self-Service. Finances tab

To inquire about your student account: Eagle/Departments/student-accounts

Sign up for Oregon campus text and email alerts (emergency, closure, and other urgent announcements): Be sure you provide a current cell phone number when you complete the pre-registration pages each semester.

See grades on assignments in a class:  Discovery, then click on the specific class, then go to gradebook

See final grades after each semester: Self-Service, Grades tab

Get another copy of or download a syllabus: Discovery, then choose the class, and click on Syllabus

Access resources or links posted for you by a professor:  Discovery, then choose the class, and click on the resource or link

Find a book Salem doesn’t have, and Kirkland doesn’t have electronically:  Go to Eagle/Library. Hover over “About Us” then click on Borrowing.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Under “Borrowing Privileges at Other Libraries”, click on NAPCU. Scroll down to the Oregon list.  Click on a library that would be convenient for you to go to, and search their catalog. When you find the book, you can check it out from any NAPCU library without any fees if you present a current NU Student ID card.  Be sure to call the library before you go to let them know you are coming from Northwest, another NAPCU school, to check out a book.

Get a current year sticker to put on your student ID card: See Amber in the front office.

Get a parking permit:  See Amber in the front office.

Pick up returned assignments and notices from the Salem office: Your mail box (in the back of the library). NOTE: Check your box at least once a week.

Pick up financial aid refund checks: See Amber in the front office.

See announcements for the Oregon Campus, get instructions for participation, see prayer requests from fellow students or your professors, get a message a professor sends to an entire class at once:  NU email.  NOTE: Check your NU email at least twice a week.