Academic Probation Support

Entering students whose records reflect grade averages below “C+” level (2.3 GPA) are admitted on academic probation.  Students are placed on probation if their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below:

  • 1-29 Earned Credits: 1.700 CGPA
  • 30-59 Earned Credits: 1.900 CGPA
  • 60+ Earned Credits: 2.000 CGPA

Probation is not intended as a punitive measure but as a warning with opportunity for improvement.  Probationary students are under the supervision of the Office of the Provost or its representative during the period of probation.  In order to ensure their concentration upon academic work during the probationary period, students on probation are restricted in their academic loads (no more than twelve hours plus P.E. activity), are restricted in their participation in certain University activities, and may be restricted in their work loads.  To aid them in reaching their potential, they may be required to attend special classes or counseling sessions.  (A student averaging below 2.0 CGPA might be restricted, regardless of their academic standing.)  When their cumulative grade point averages rise above the stated levels, students are removed from probation.

Probation Packet