Choralons Auditions


Directed by Professor Brenda Rasmussen, this innovative choir is comprised of 130 vocalists and a seven-piece rhythm section performing a variety of music from contemporary worship and gospel to classic hymn arrangements.This ministry brings just over an hour of inspiring music, scripture and personal testimony. After the first half of the program, a quick break is taken to share information about Northwest University and our campus’ ministries. During the dynamic second half, a short testimony is shared and after the final song, a time is given for our students to pray for the members of the congregation. Individuals have been healed and lives restored during the dynamic times of prayer and ministry. See below for more information on our current tour schedule or to book Choralons.

Auditions for the Northwest Choralons take place with Brenda Rasmussen during the first week of the school year. To sign up, go to her office located in the Music Department underneath the chapel.

For more music, tour schedules, and more information go to