Here at Northwest University, we desire that you grow and mature as you follow Jesus (1 Timothy 4:6-9).

That is what the Mentorship Program is here to do, to help you in your spiritual formation. We believe that having a mentor is Biblical and immensely beneficial as your follow Jesus (Romans 10:13-15).

A mentor is an older, wiser Christian who is coming along side to walk through life with you. A mentor is encouraging and sees the best in you. A mentor is a role model. And a mentor constantly keeps your eyes on Jesus.


  • Mentorship is done between a student and a Staff & Faculty member.
  • Students and mentors are to be the same gender.
  • A student emails the Staff & Faculty member to initiate the mentoring relationship (using the directory below).
  • The student and mentor will work together to establish the mentorship goals, frequency, location, etc.
  • We recommend meeting together every two weeks.
  • The mentorship is designed to last the duration of a semester, but we encourage you to meet the entire academic year.
  • To find an available mentor click the directory link at the bottom of the page.


A mentor will help you follow and know Jesus better. Here are five ways your mentor can support you.

  • Spiritual Formation and Development
  • General Life Guidance and Support
  • Vocational Ministry Growth
  • Leadership Development and Growth
  • Faith in the Workplace


The following directory is a list of Staff & Faculty members of the Northwest University community who have made themselves available and are excited to mentor you.

To find a mentor, email an available mentor from the directory. (Click Here)

HELPFUL INFO (coming soon)

  1. Tips for first mentoring get-together
  2. “How get the most out of mentoring” article.


Are you a staff and faculty member and interested in being a mentor? EmailĀ