NU Worship Auditions

NU Worship’s mission is to help cultivate the spiritual vitality of the community at Northwest University and to help foster the spiritual formation of each member primarily through the use of music in corporate worship services, which we believe is a means to the greater end of living lives of worship to God.

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2019-2020 Worship Auditions

Please read the following links for information on worship auditions.

NU Worship philosophy, structure, and expectations

2019-2020 NU Worship Audition Information 

Download: NU Worship Application, Song Lyrics, Adjudication Form, & Band Rehearsal and Performance Tracks

  • Vocal Auditions – Thursday September 12
  • Band Auditions – Thursday September 19

Sign ups for auditions go live on Friday September 6th at 5pm. There will be clickable links below.

NU Worship General Information

NU Worship is led by Brenda Rasmussen and Christian Dawson, is coordinated by a student coordinator, Roslyn Bender, and is facilitated by a team of student worship team leaders.

NU Worship utilizes music to corporately sing for the following reasons:

  • Ephesians 5.18-19, Colossians 3.16, Psalm 5.11, Psalm 59.16, Psalm 105.1-5
  • Singing glorifies God.
  • Singing is a way to respond to and be reminded of:
    • who God is,
    • what He has said,
    • what He has done,
    • what He is doing.
  • Singing is a command in Scripture.
  • Singing roots us in and teaches us Scripture and Biblical truth.
  • Singing calls us to root our identity, hope, and joy in God.
  • Singing calls us to live our hardships, trials, problems, and pain with God.
  • Singing calls us to action such as obedience, repentance, and mission.
  • Singing allows us to reflect on and respond to our relationship with God.
  • Singing builds up others.
  • Singing unifies God’s people.
  • Singing is a way to remember and express love, devotion, commitment, desire, and need for God.