Sick Leave


To provide paid sick leave for employees to care for the health of themselves and their family members in accordance with Washington State’s Paid Sick Leave Law, Initiative 1433. An employee may use sick leave for the following:

  • To accommodate the employee’s need for medical diagnosis, care, and treatment for a physical or mental illness, injury, or health condition.
  • To provide care for the employee’s family member with a physical or mental illness, injury or health condition.
  • When the University is closed by order of a public official for any health-related reason or when the employees’ child’s school or place of care has been closed for such a reason.
  • Absences that qualify as leave under the Domestic Violence Leave Act, Chapter 49.76 RCW.

Sick Leave Requirements

All employees including staff, regular faculty, adjunct faculty and student workers regardless of FTE status are eligible for paid sick leave effective January 1, 2018.  Sick leave requirements include the following:

  • Staff, faculty, adjuncts and students shall accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. Hours worked excludes any type of paid leave (sick, vacation, holidays).
  • An employee may use accrued paid sick leave beginning on the 90th calendar day after the beginning of his or her employment.
  • Employees who are unable to report to work due to a personal illness, a dependent child’s, spouse’s, or parent’s illness or injury, or an incident of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking affecting an employee or employee’s family/household member must contact their supervisor as soon as possible but no later than one hour after the employee’s expected start of the work day.
  • Absences in excess of three working days, whether for the illness or injury of the employee, the employee’s family member, or for an incident of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking must be reported by the employee’s supervisor, to Human Resources at 206-889-5749. The absence will be evaluated in light of the University’s Family and Medical Leave policy to determine if the sick leave qualifies as Family Medical Leave.
  • The University may request certification by a physician of the necessity for sick leave for the employee or the employee’s family member when needed.
  • Accrued, unused paid sick leave of 40 hours or less carries over to the following year.
  • Employees will not receive financial reimbursement of accrued unused sick leave upon the employee’s separation from employment including resignation, involuntary termination, or retirement.
  • When there is a separation from employment and the employee is rehired within 12 months of separation previously accrued unused paid sick leave shall be reinstated and the previous period of employment shall be counted to determine the employee’s eligibility to use paid sick leave.

Reporting Sick Leave

All employees must report sick leave each pay period using their assigned time keeping reporting system.  All leave reported must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.


Approved by Board November 15, 2017

Approved by Cabinet October 17, 2017