NU Distribution and Group Lists

With our recent move to Microsoft 365 we now have Distribution Lists, Dynamic Distribution Lists, and Groups that are associated with a Team. See current list.

Distribution Lists
If you are the owner of a Distribution List (L) you are responsible to keep the list up-to-date.  See Managing a Distribution List (3:19) for details on how to add or delete members.  Also make sure that you are a member of the list, as owners don’t automatically receive the emails sent to the list.

Dynamic Distribution Lists
Dynamic Distribution Lists (DDL) are linked to PowerCampus and these lists are updated on a daily basis. If you have questions about these lists, contact

Groups Associated with a Team
If requested, a Group can be visible for a Team (T). All members of the Team are members of the Group and can view email sent to the group address either within their Outlook inbox, or in the Groups section at the end of the folders lists in Outlook. Options for the Team Groups include viewing and answering emails within the Group inbox, creating a group calendar, and quick access to Team files. See Access to Group Inbox.

Outlook: Creating a Contact Group

It is easy to create a Contact Group within Outlook and share that group with others. See the Outlook Contact Group tutorials for details.