Training classes are held on the Kirkland campus on a regular basis.  Handouts and videos are available on the following topics:


Access Databases – David Bazan
Summary: Learn to build simple tables, queries, forms and reports in MS Access.

Access training video (58 min)

Excel: Basic – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: This training session will cover some of the basic features of Excel  including how to use Auto Fill and Flash Fill, how to freeze panes, insert page breaks, and repeat rows or columns on multiple pages.
Basic Excel training video (48 min)  | Handout

Excel: Advanced – David Bazan
Summary: This training session will cover some advanced Excel features such as Text functions, PivotTables, VLOOKUP, Relative and absolute cell addresses, and IF statements.
Advanced Excel training video (63 min)

Office 365 – David Bazan & Matt Holmly
Summary: At this class, you will get your NU Office 365 account, log-in to it and learn how to use it from a beach in Hawaii. You will find out how to get free MS Office software and be introduced to a myriad of Office 365 apps.
Office 365 training video (58 min)

OneNote  – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: OneNote is a great organization tool.  During this session, we will cover some of the basic features of OneNote.
OneNote training video (53 min)   | Handout

Outlook 2016 – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: This session will cover mailbox cleanup options, how to recall a message, how to set up delayed delivery, how to schedule meetings with others, how to create a calendar group, and other Outlook features.  If we have time, we will also take a quick look at the Outlook Web App for employees. 
Outlook video (56 min)    | Handout

Windows 10 – Matt Holmly
Summary: Navigating Win10 is new and it’s not. We’ll review navigating folders and views (not new) and learn how to use the new Win10 features.
Windows 10 training video (60 min)

Word: Advanced Topics – David Bazan & Jon Leong
Summary: Have you ever been frustrated when trying to insert pictures in Word, or fixing a tab or margin, or doing a mail merge or inserting a continuous page break?  This class will help you with your greatest Word frustrations and provide the answers that have kept you awake at night.
Advanced Word training video (57 min)

Other Topics

Computer Health – Justin Crews
Summary: Is your personal computer running slow? Do you want to get the most out of an aging machine? In this session, you will learn to troubleshoot, repair, and improve the performance of your computer. Topics will include: malware and virus protection, bloatware and how to remove it, safe internet surfing, searching, and downloading, maintaining a healthy computer, and improving performance.

Database Basics – David Bazan & Tim O’Shea
Summary: Our NU business runs on databases. This class will be an introduction to databases using MS Access as the database tool. You’ll learn the differences between an Excel database, a flat database and a relational database. You will build a simple relational database.
Training video (62 min)

Discovery – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: Do you have questions about Discovery assignments or the gradebook?  Check out the resources available via NU Faculty Tutorials course in Discovery or on the Discovery Resources page on Eagle.
Discovery Resources

Doodle – Lynette Sorenson
Summary:   Doodle is a scheduling tool that makes it easy to schedule an event or appointment, or conduct a group event poll.
Doodle video (5 min)    | Doodle handout 

Easy Form Making – David Bazan
Summary: Does your department have forms you wish could be fillable pdf’s? This session will show you how to build a Word template that can be turned into a fillable pdf form.
Easy Form Making training video (64 min) 

Internet Safety – Justin Crews
Summary: Do you want to block annoying ads in your web browser? Are you concerned with internet safety and protecting your information from malicious software and viruses?  In this session, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of safe internet surfing, searching, and downloading.
Internet Safety training video (60 min)    | Internet Safety PowerPoint

Protecting your Identity, Finances & Data –  Jamie Froebe & Lynette Sorenson
Summary: Why do you need to protect your identity, finances, and data from attack?  Come to this session to learn how to improve the safety of your finances, credit score, and online identity as well as how to protect the access to information through your devices.  We will also share a great resource for gathering and storing all of your personal information.
Protecting your Identity training video (53 min)    | Handout

Salesforce Demonstration and Training –  Melissa Eller
Summary: Salesforce is a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM).  NU uses TargetX/Salesforce to manage prospects, inquiries and applicants.  Once the application is approved, it is imported into PowerCAMPUS.  Causeview/Salesforce is new to NU, and it will manage engagements for church contacts, alumni, parents and donors.  Salesforce prides itself on being user friendly and opportunities to improve processes and communication exists!  This session covers reports, processes, dashboards, email and views or layouts.
Salesforce Demonstration and Training video

Surveys – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: During this session an overview of Survey Monkey, Google Forms and Microsoft Forms (Office 365) will be provided.
Survey Monkey handout     | Google Forms handout     | Microsoft Forms handout 

Turnitin & Feedback Studio – Lynette Sorenson
Summary: Do you have questions about Turnitin or Feedback Studio?  Check out the resources available via NU Faculty Tutorials course in Discovery or on the Turnitin Resources page on Eagle.
Turnitin and Feedback Studio Resources

WordPress: Adding Content to Eagle 
Summary: Need help adding content to your Eagle web page? Check out the WordPress handout or send a request to Help []
WordPress Tutorial

Zoom: Online Meeting
Summary: ZOOM is our internet-based video conferencing software. If you (or your department or college) will be using it, you must view this video to get login information and instructions on its use.