TA Access to Discovery Courses

To request that a TA be added to your course, send an email to help@northwestu.edu. Please include the course code and section number along with the student name.  A special account will be created for your TA and they will log into Discovery using an unique email address and password. 

There are two possible roles: 

  • NU Viewer role.  If your TA only needs to view the content of your Discovery course, ask for the NU Viewer role.  
  • NU Editor role.  If your TA will be adding grades to Discovery their role should be NU Editor.  

TA’s added to a course receive all assignment and forum notices so to avoid confusion we no longer add them with their student email accounts.  However, since the account that we create for them doesn’t include an email account, they will not have access to the emails that are sent to the class using Quickmail.

If you have any questions regarding your TA’s role or if your TA would benefit from a short tutorial on Discovery please contact Lynette via lynette.sorenson@northwestu.edu.