Using an iPad in NU Classrooms (Apple TV)

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The following classrooms have an Apple TV:  Amundsen 22, Argue 102, Argue 104, Argue 229, Argue 248, Barton 200, Barton 250, Fee 4, Fee 7, Rice 1, Rice 3, Williams 1, Williams 2, and Williams 9.

To connect your iPad to the Apple TV follow these steps:
1) Turn on projector/HDTV.

2) Click on Apple TV button on desktop controls (if no Apple TV button see below)

3) The screen will indicate which WiFi Network your device must be using.  At the current time the  network depends on which classroom you are in.
For example in F7 you must be logged into nu_devices (password = northwestu)  and in W9 you must be logged into nuwireless (password = NorthwestU)

4) Find AirPlay menu on your ipad –> Select class –> Select mirroring.

5) AirPlay code will appear on the screen –> Add code to iPad.

To disconnect your iPad follow these steps:
1) Close AirPlay session by turning off mirroring.

2) Select PC button on desktop controls.

3) Turn off projector/HDTV.

If there isn’t an Apple TV option on desktop controls:
1) Change control from 8 to 6 on device that is in the open space in technology station.

2) Follow directions above.

3) Return desktop control to 8 before leaving the technology station

updated 4/18ls