General Employment Information

International students on F-1 visas do have employment opportunities while they are studying, but they have restrictions based on the rules governing their visas.

While Students are Studying

While students are studying at NU, they can either work on-campus or work off-campus under CPT (Curricular Practical Training).  There are rules governing both, so please go to the respective page to find more information.

  • CELE Students can only work in an on-campus job.  No CPT is allowed.
  • Undergraduate students can work on-campus jobs or do CPT, but CPT must be while they are a junior or senior and enrolled in their major’s internship course.  Please see the CPT page for more information.
  • Graduate students can work on-campus jobs and do CPT if their program is approved to do CPT.

It is possible to work both a part-time on-campus job and do part-time CPT at the same time.

After Completing a Degree

All students except CELE students can do OPT (Optional Practical Training).  Please see the OPT page for more information.  Students will need to stop CPT and on-campus jobs, unless their on-campus job is their OPT job after their OPT is approved.

General Financial Advice

Most authorized work is part-time while students are studying.  Unfortunately, this means that students cannot usually make a significant amount of money.  It is unlikely that someone can earn enough money working to pay all of their tuition and fees.  Therefore, students should have some source of savings, sponsorship, or scholarship that will help pay the majority of their costs while a student.