If you want to take a semester off from school other than summer, you will need to discuss how to do it with the International Student Services office.  Vacations are not simple for student visas.  After every two semesters, the government assumes most students will go home for the summer and not study.  If you are heading home for the summer, you will not need to complete additional paperwork but please let International Student Services know that you will be laving.

Graduate students: you normally must study during the summer to finish your program in 2 years.  If you decide to take a summer off, you will need to work with your program coordinator prior to getting your vacation approved for when you will make up your missed classes.

In order to qualify for a vacation semester other than the summer, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Grades for the semester prior to this requested vacation must be posted.
  2. Student must be in status. (Student maintained a full course load and passing grade each semester.)
  3. Student must have attended 2 consecutive semesters.
  4. Student must submit proof of insurance WITH this form.
  5. Student must bring completed Degree Completion Form signed by the program coordinator / advisor to the ISS office.

If you want to have a vacation semester during the fall or spring, you will need to complete a Vacation Application Form.  You must be authorized by International Student Services to have a non-summer semester as your vacation semester.  If you are out of the country for more than 5 months, your SEVIS record will be automatically terminated.