Apartment Resident Assistants

Natalee Stout – Buildings A&C

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Hometown: Boulder, MT

Why be an RA? To love and invest in others while growing in the process.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Downtown Kirkland

Book or movie that has shaped/influenced who I’ve become: Love Lives Here by Maria Goff

Joshua (Shua) Botsford – Building B

Major: Pastoral Ministries

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why be an RA? I think this is a great opportunity in a pastoral sense. I am a pastoral min major and and I really believe that this position is a tremendous opportunity to do ministry and to be a mini-pastor in a way that can encourage, guide, and bless those around me.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: The Slides in Seattle!

Book or movie that has shaped/influence who I’ve become: Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Alexis Savary – Building D

Major: Management

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Why be an RA? As an RA, I look forward to growing with my peers/residents in our faith, through life challenges, and in our ability to cultivate relationships with each other.

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: Down Pour Coffee Shop

Most desirable superpower: Juanita Beach Park

Book or movie that has shaped/influence who I’ve become: The Farewell and Christopher Robin 

Madeline Bir – FIRs Overflow

Major: My major is Counseling Psychology. 

Hometown: My hometown is Wenatchee, WA.

Why be an RA? I love getting to know people, hearing where they’ve been and where God is leading them. This job enables me to engage with many different people, all unique and amazing in their own ways. I am excited to walk alongside friends and meet new friends, and to encourage everyone in their ups and downs. On top of this, I can’t wait to plan fun events and lean into the community that will be fostered in the apartments!

Favorite off-campus hangout spot: O O Denny Park

Book or movie that has shaped/influence who I’ve become: Multicultural Psychology by Mio, Barker, & Tumambing. LIFE CHANGING TEXTBOOK!