Campus Security Office

The Northwest University Campus Security Office provides a safe and secure environment for NU students, employees, and visitors to express freedom of intellectual growth and responsible citizenship.

Security services are provided on the Kirkland Campus by Synergy Campus Security Services, LLC. Security services at the other campuses are provided by the appropriate security representative. Synergy works to provide a safe environment for the campus community.

Residence Halls / Argue HSC / Barton / 6710 / Pecota / Davis / Brodin Pavilion

Northwest University Emergency Procedures (PDF)


Our primary service is to provide for the safety and security of Northwest University employees, students, visitors, and property through observation and reporting.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Property patrols
  • Daily lock up and unlock of campus facilities
  • Provide for safe traffic flow and parking through enforcement of the motor vehicle policy
  • Provide assistance to students, staff, faculty and visitors whenever possible
  • Provide assistance for special events
  • Log and report any improper activity on the campus.

National Management Resources Corporation provides security services through Synergy Campus Security Services, LLC., its security division. The security section is staffed by security personnel 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Authority and Jurisdiction

Synergy Security Officers have been granted administrative authority to investigate certain acts occurring on campus. If a minor offense involving university rules and regulations occurs, the Security Chief may refer the individual to the Office of the Dean of Student Development or the Administrative Team. Parking and moving violations are administered by Campus Security. All criminal offenses are reported to the local law enforcement agency for investigation and resolution. The prosecution of criminal offenses is conducted by the local Prosecutor’s Office.

Synergy Campus Security’s jurisdiction extends only to the properties of Northwest University at the Kirkland Campus.

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