Disability Accommodations

For students with learning and/or physical challenges, as defined by the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Northwest University takes an individual and holistic approach to providing accommodation.  A student may notify the University of his/her disability when the student is confirmed for enrollment. Formal notification is required prior to the consideration of an accommodation request. Documentation should include a medical or educational evaluation by a physician or licensed learning specialist, a description of what specific accommodations have been offered in the past, and a list of specific needs and services that will be requested from Northwest University.

All disability accommodation requests should be submitted to the Director of Academic Success and Advising. However, either the Academic Success Office or the Student Develop Office can answer questions about accommodations specific to their departments. The Academic Success and Advising Director is available to assist students with questions or concerns they may have with regard to individual academic challenge(s) at 425.889.7823. The Assistant Dean of Students is available to assist students with questions or concerns they may have in regard to individual challenges related to campus life at 425.889.6397.

Requesting Services

A student can request accommodation through the following process:

  1. Complete a Disability Accommodation Request Form.
  2. Provide current documentation of your disability.
  3. Send the completed Disability Accommodation Request Form with documentation to traci.grant@northwestu.edu.
  4. Meet with the either the Director of Academic Success and Advising or the Assistant Dean of Students to discuss possible accommodations depending on the nature of the request.
  5. Continue communicating with the Director or Assistant Dean if you have questions or concerns about the accommodations provided.


Disability Accommodation Guidelines – Coming Soon!

Disability Accommodation Request Form

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