Running, Walking, and Local Races, Oh My!

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In the Seattle area, we sometimes find ourselves almost smitten with a sunny day!  What do some folks enjoy doing on those wonderful summer days? Well, many Seattleites enjoy a brisk walk or even a run! Walking and running provide exercise, fresh air and allow us to release “happy hormones” called endorphins that are powerful mood enhancers and are a wonderful side effect of exercise. But exercise can do even more. Exercise can improve our overall health by helping us maintain a healthy body weight. It can even help us connect with others and foster a sense of camaraderie! As a bonus, many runs raise community awareness and funds for some very worthy causes. Below are some upcoming local races.

For additional information regarding more Seattle area walks and runs, consider checking out the website The website also features running club information, local stores that have supplies and resources for runners/walkers.  And don’t forget, if running isn’t your thing, consider joining area races as a walker. Most runs are family friendly and welcome walkers and participants of all ages (and fitness levels) but please check the website/event for more details.

In case you didn’t know, a marathon is approximately 26 miles, a half marathon (21K) is approximately 13 miles and my personal favorite is the 5K which is approximately 3 miles. Always wear quality running shoes, dress appropriately, wear sunscreen and stay well hydrated for your walk and run. If you have never run in a race before it is recommended that you build up for the race slowly. Always check with your physician before starting a new fitness regime.

-The Wellness Center

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