Information about students receiving counseling, medical, or nutrition services is kept in strict confidence. The Wellness Center operates under federal HIPAA laws and the Washington State Administrative Code. Confidentiality is the legal right of students. Students seeking services for any reason will receive confidential treatment. Included in this are students whose behavior violates community standards as described in the Community Handbook. Adhering to confidentiality does not imply that the Wellness Center personnel endorse or approve of behavior that violates the community code of conduct. It does mean that students can safely share their struggles and concerns with Wellness Center personnel and can trust the professional to treat them with respect and manage the information without disclosures or breach of confidentiality. Staff, faculty, or administrators do not have access to confidential client information provided to the Wellness Center. The exceptions to this are outlined below.

Disclosure of information about a student requires written authorization from the student to release specified information. The following situations are exceptions to confidentiality. The Wellness Center is legally and ethically mandated to release information in the following situations:

  • Information indicating that a minor or dependent adult is being abused or neglected
  • The student is presenting a danger to him/herself or others
  • The student brings charges against a staff member or the Wellness Center
  • Wellness Center receives a court order for records