Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive services?
All currently enrolled traditional students can use the Wellness Center services for a small fee. Alumni, CAPS, and graduate students may use the Wellness Center medical or nutrition services for a fee (counseling is only available for traditional undergraduates).

What kinds of problems/concerns bring students to the Wellness Center?

Counseling Services:
personal support in navigating life challenges • adjustment concerns • mood disorders (depression, bi-polar) • anxiety • disordered eating • sexuality • ADHD • trauma • abuse • substance use/abuse • life stage transitions • grief/loss • interpersonal relationships • family concerns • developmental issues • chronic health issues • addictions • pre-engagement

Medical Services:
convenience care • feeling ill • cold/flu symptoms • limited prescriptions • injuries

Nutrition Services:
nutrition consultation • meal planning • disordered eating • food allergies and sensitivities • sports nutrition • vegetarian/vegan diets • disease management

Is there a charge for Wellness Center services?
There is a $10 fee for sessions 20-50 minutes and $15 for 50-90 minute sessions for currently enrolled traditional undergraduate students for services within the Wellness Center. Other fees may apply (e.g., lab fees, cost of materials, etc.). We do not refuse services to anyone for the inability to pay. Speak to a staff member if you need a scholarship.
Alumni, graduate, NPP, online students, and employees may use the medical and nutrition services for a $30 per session fee. For counseling services, alumni, graduate, NPP, and online students may use NUHope. See our Fee Schedule for more information.

Who is allowed to use the Wellness Center?
All currently enrolled traditional students may use all of the Wellness Center Services for a small fee. Alumni, graduate, NPP, and online students may use the medical and nutrition services for a $30 per session fee. For counseling services, alumni, graduate, NPP, and online students may use NUHope.

Where is the Wellness Center located?
The Wellness Center is located in the Everette D. Greeley Wellness Center, the first building on the right past the main campus entrance on 108th Ave NE.

Do I need an appointment?
Please call ahead and check our availability, 425-889-5282. If you reach the voice mail, please leave your name, phone number, and the best times to reach you. Or you may email the Wellness Center at

How long are appointments?
Individual counseling and nutrition appointments are 50 minutes with some appointment lasting up to 90 minutes. Medical appointments are 20 to 30 minutes.

How do I complete online forms?
Please contact the Wellness Center at 425-889-5282. Ask the receptionist which set of forms you need to complete. Then click on the forms page link and complete the forms.

What happens at the first counseling appointment?
You will be asked to complete a set of forms online which includes an informed consent document and a notice of privacy practices. The counselor will then meet with you for 50-90 minutes either in person or via Telehealth. He/she will listen to your concerns and determine with you how you wish to proceed with addressing these concerns. This may include scheduling weekly sessions with this counselor and/or pursuing other resources.

Who is allowed information about the services I receive at the Wellness Center?
The Wellness Center keeps all client information confidential in accordance with federal HIPAA and Washington State laws. Information about you cannot be disclosed without your written consent except in the situations required by law (view our Confidentiality Statement).

Will my Wellness Center record become part of my university record?
No. Client information is not part of a student’s academic file. The Wellness Center follows HIPAA laws. However, once records have been authorized for release, FERPA laws may apply and records may become part of the student record.

How do I refer a friend?
You can encourage a friend to use the Wellness Center’s services by providing them information about our availability, phone number (425-889-5282), referring them to the website, or by accompanying them to the Wellness Center to schedule an appointment.

Does the University offer health insurance coverage?
No. Please visit our Health Insurance/Medical Coverage page for more information.