Health Insurance / Medical Coverage

NU Wellness Center

The NU Wellness Center is not considered health insurance or medical coverage but it is a medical clinic available to you right here on campus! Please see our Medical Services page for the services offered at the NU Wellness Center.

Health Insurance & Medical Coverage Requirement

The Affordable Care Act is a federal government mandate requiring all individuals to carry medical coverage.  Northwest University does not provide health insurance to students. Individuals may be able to access coverage through parents, employers, or insurance exchanges.  In compliance with federal law, individuals may purchase healthcare coverage through one of several options as outlined below.

Federally Subsidized Medical Insurance Options:

    The site is the insurance exchange provided by the federal government.

Need Sharing Organizations* 

*According to the Affordable Care Act, membership in a need-sharing organization fulfills the federal healthcare mandate.

Student Accident Excess Insurance

Northwest University provides excess medical coverage for all traditional, undergraduate students! If an NU student is injured, the Excess Insurance may pay for medical bills not covered by the student’s primary insurance. Please contact the Wellness Center for more details and to receive a signed copy of the Student Accident Claim Packet.

Informational Resources:

  • Get Insured
    Compare companies available in Washington State on one site.

Student Athletes

In compliance with federal law, all student athletes are required to be covered by a valid health plan.  In order to practice, train, and compete in Northwest University athletics, athletes may be required to show proof of coverage.

International Students

Northwest University requires all enrolled international students to purchase insurance through LewerMark Student Medical Insurance (