Dr. Cherri Seese

sherri I was born and raised in a small town in Michigan.  I am the oldest of three children but am one of 30 first cousins.  We were a large and close knit family.  When I graduated from High School, I moved down to Miami, Florida and worked down there for a little over a year…. experiencing a bit of a culture shock.  I moved up to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University.  I met and married my now husband of 28 years.  Upon the graduation from the Ph.D. program, my husband and I sold the house, put everything in storage and loaded up our car for a three month cross country, national parks tour.  We camped, hiked and took a little breath. We settled in Seattle in 1998 and our daughter was born shortly after. We have lived in Duvall, WA since then.  I started adjuncting with NU in January, 2010.  I love NU and the environment.  I get to talk psychology and Jesus…what could be better?


Ph.D. Counseling Psychology and Human Systems – 1997
M.S. Rehabilitation Services – Florida State University – 1991
B.S. Marketing – Florida State University – 1987


PSYC 2413     Theories and Process of Counseling
PSYC 3443     Social Psychology
PSYC 7362     Counseling and Career Development
PSYC 7443     Social Psychology and Behavior


I like to hike.  I am involved in the high school group at my church – leading a women’s high school bible study.  I am actively involved in discipling and mentoring women in their faith.  I also love to travel and experience new sights and people.