Dan Tomandl

Assistant Professor of Physics, Math, and Astronomy

I started teaching at NU in 2003 as an adjunct; full time in 2008. Before that I worked in a computer lab at the University of Washington doing database design, programming and general consulting and systems configuration. I love to understand how things work. And I love to help others to understand how things work. It is so great to be in an environment where I can do that and not only not have to avoid mentioning the Creator, but to be able to pray in class and weave the Lord in where appropriate.


BA in Physics from Beloit college; 1969
MA in Astronomy from University of Washington; 1974
Ph.D. in Astronomy from University of Washington; 1982

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My Commission at Northwest University

Courses Taught

Physics (SCIE 1283/1, SCIE 1293/1)
Astronomy (SCIE 1523/1)
Geology (SCIE 1303/1)
Physical and Earth Science I (SCIE 1183)
Integrated Science (SCIE 1043/1)
Math Prep (MATH 0990)
Intermediate Algebra (MATH 1003)
Math for Liberal Arts (MATH 1103)
Calculus I (MATH 1243)
Biostatistics (MATH 2353)

Class Celebrations:


Be careful what you get volunteered for at church!








Planetarium Show Info

Creation and the Creator

I am available to give this presentation on astronomy and my testimony. I start with a presentation of some basic astronomy suitable for a general audience. It includes our place in our solar system, galaxy and universe; how things move across the sky; reasons for the seasons and tides; and what makes sunlight and sunspots. The presentation is interspersed with demonstrations and audience participation activities. I will close the indoor portion with how I met the Creator of this magnificent universe. Then if weather permits we go outside with some telescopes and observe what God has made – the Moon, planets, constellations – whatever is visible at the time.