Planetarium Show

I will be giving a planetarium show at the UW planetarium. Topics I will cover are sky motion, planet locations and motions, constellations, views from the North Pole and Equator, and seasons. The show is free. It will start about 7:15 pm (whenever our Metro bus gets there) and will last about an hour; Thursday 9/7/2017 in the Physics/Astronomy Auditorium building (location map).
There are 40 seats. My class that I am teaching astronomy to will only half fill it, so I am inviting my other classes, friends and their families to join us (not too young – need to keep quiet for an hour in the dark). My class and I will be traveling by Metro bus (#255) – it should be going by NU at 6:39pm. You are welcome to travel on the bus with us. Meet at 6:25 in HSC 107. Bus fare is $2.50 (exact fare required). Return fare will probably be free if you ask for a transfer (we will be close to the two hour limit for a free return).
You can also drive, but unless you are familiar with the UW campus I’ve had very few find the Planetarium in a timely manner; and UW parking is all paid parking (the closest parking is in the underground parking garage off of 15 Ave NE and about 40th). Meet me at the large peanut shaped sculpture outside the Physics Auditorium building. Be there by 7:15 so I can let you in.
Email me to let me know if you want to come, how many (so I can keep track of available seats), and if you will be going with us on the bus.
–Dr. T (Tomandl)
If you have trouble finding the planetarium show, call my cell: 206.799-1094