Row, row, row your boat

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What a fun summer!

My wife Patty and I have spent some of the summer learning how to row sweep and skull boats on Lake Washington.  How fun!  There is the individual challenge of learning rowing skills, the dynamics of rowing in a team of two, four or eight, and the incredible beauty of glassy water, eagles, and wild-life on the Lake. Yes, we have flipped a boat- and no the water really isn’t that cold!  

Also did an extreme home makeover with my son Dusty in Tecate, Mexico  Built a new home for a needy family with 24 other families in about a week.  Boy- were they happy!  Boy- were we tired!

What else?  Jake accepted a job for Costco doing Stocking.  He starts at 4 a.m. which has significanlty impacted his normal bedtime of 2:30 a.m.- he is usually up at 3.  Which means that we get to see him much more than in a normal summer!  Check out the Spice isle at the 4th Ave. Costco!

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