Gary Gillespie

Professor Emeritus 

Educator, artist, consultant and business entrepreneur, Gary Gillespie retired from teaching Communication at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. He now works behind the scenes supporting students and colleagues. 

Promoted to Professor Emeritus by the Northwest University Board of Directors in November, 2015.

Recipient of the 2016 Northwest University Distinguished Service Award.


Gillespie Dist. Service Award 2016

Gillespie receives the NU Distinguished Service Award at 2016 commencement

Blue Sky Stratagems — a Work Place Communication blog 

Speeches of War — famous speeches blog

Swan Speech Consulting — Eloquence by Design

Art of GJ Gillespie— has appeared in 16 shows

Leda Art Supply — selling private label sketchbooks on Amazon. Now among the top 2 percent of Amazon retailers. 

Gillespie Health and Fitness 

During his career as a debate coach and speech professor, Gillespie has critiqued 5,600 speeches. He is available as a public speaking, business communication and Amazon seller consultant.

Gillespie designed the Communication Studies program at Northwest — now the largest in the College of Arts and Science.

Gillespie is best know as coach of the nationally recognized debate team for 28 years — until turning the team over to Prof. Jacob Witt in 2014.

What Students Say about Prof. Gillespie here and here.

Gillespie Vita 

Gary and Teresa Gillespie

Gary and Teresa Gillespie. Teresa is Dean of the NU School of Business

N  E  W  S

Gillespie Organizes the Seattle Ecommerce Conference: A mastermind meetup for internet entrepreneurs. Nov. 4 and 5 at the HSC.

GJ Gillespie was promoted to Professor Emeritus by the Northwest University Board of Directors in November, 2015. After serving 31 years, Gillespie retired from teaching in May, 2016 to focus on his art and private label sketchbook company, Leda Art Supply. After one year of operation the company now ranks among the top two percent of Amazon retailers having sold more than 7,000 art journals.

Gillespie is the Recipient of 2016 Northwest University Service Award.

Gillespie Art to Shown in Seattle: GJ Gillespie collage at the Seattle Convention Center. 

Gillespie art in Issaquah show

Gillespie’s art shown in NU Hurst Library gallery, Kirkland, WA

Gillespie wins art award at shown in Roslyn, WA

Gillespie’s art shown in Vancouver, BC

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What iCommunication?
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 for an overview of the field of communication studies. 

Prof. Gillespie wins national art award 

NU Film Review: Short Video Contest April 10, 2015 a Smash Hit! 

Lecture on Northwest Native Mythology 

Professor Gillespie has been nominated by his peers to receive the nationwide Distinguished Educator Award for the Alliance for AG higher education.

Professor Gillespie Receives Art Award 

A Debate Coach’s Farewell Address
by Gary Gillespie, Kirkland, WA. April 25, 2014

Some Publications

• Gillespie, Gary  Window to the Past: The Role of Quantum Entanglement in Memory“, (blog version) June, 2014. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, Vol. 5, Issue 4.

• Gillespie, Gary “Divinity of Christ 1. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God: Communication is at the Heart of Reality” 

• Gillespie, Gary  Binary Opposition in the Comedy of Errors: An Actor’s Analysis of Shakespeare’s First Play. February 28, 2014. Now under review for publication.

• Gillespie, Gary “The Force of Reasoning: Insights from Physics on the Nature of Argument”. A version of this paper was presented at the Faith in the Humanities Conference, Kirkland, WA in April, 2012. Under Review by for publication. Read the paper here.

• Gillespie, Gary “Take My Partner, Please: Use of Humor in World Style Debating.”
A paper presented at the Western States Communication Association
Convention, Seattle, WA, February 18, 2007.The paper accepted for publication in
Parliamentary Debate, Journal of the National Parliamentary Debate Association.

• Gillespie, Gary “Moral Relativism in Pro-Choice Rhetoric:
a Reply to Stephan Sullivan,”Values Newsletter, A Publication of The Highlands Center for Faculty Initiatives at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania,
Edinboro, PA.Vol. 13, Issue 2, Spring 2006, pp 1 – 4.

• Gillespie, Gary “Happiness as Pedagogy: A Model for Teaching
Ethics,”Values Newsletter, A Publication of The Highlands Center for Faculty
Initiatives at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
, Edinboro, PA.Vol. 12, Fall 2004, pp 1 – 2.

• Gillespie, Gary “Let the Games Begin: Tips for Winning Debates,”
IDEBATE, magazine of the International Debate Education Association,
January 2003.

Gillespie acting in fall 2014 production of Our Town

Gillespie playing Prof. Willard in NU production of Our Town

• Gillespie, Gary “Message in an Electronic Bottle: the Internet After
9/11.” Interface: The Journal of Education, Community and Values of the
Berglund Center for Internet Studies
, August-September, 2002.

• Gillespie, Gary “Are We Having Fun Yet? A Debater’s Guide to
Happiness.” Parliamentary Debate, Journal of the National Parliamentary
Debate Association,
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. 5 vol.1
(2000, August) 70—79

More publications and background information at Gillespie’s Vita page.

My mission is to teach, mentor and nurture colleges students with the highest level of professionalism to the best of my ability as a service to God.