Eagles Soar in Salem

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NU Brings Home Two Semi Finalist Debate Awards
AND Second, Fourth Place Best Speakers

February 27, 2012

Congratulations to the debate teams of Kyle Hamar –Max Mooney and Calvin Horne — James Bowsher for winning semi-final plaques at the Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

68 top students from eight colleges and universities – such as Humboldt State, Linfield College, and the University of California Davis — gathered to face off on current event topics at the 2012 Mark Hatfield Memorial Debates on February 25 – 26.

After five rounds, two NU teams earned enough winning points to reach semi-finals. Neither team advanced.

The double wins at this large debate contest prove that Northwest University students rank with the best in our region.

Topics were announced fifteen minutes before each round and concerned such issues as space exploration, Key Stone Oil Pipeline, arming Syrian rebels, and relations with Afghanistan.

In addition to scoring points for winning debate rounds, each student is rated for speaking ability. Debaters with the highest speaker points are honored.

At the awards ceremony Sunday night team Captain Calvin Horne won an award for ranking as the Second Best Speaker out of 68 students.

In addition, former team Captain Max Mooney won an award for ranking as the Fourth Best Speaker out of 68.

Debate Coach Gary Gillespie chaired the judging panel for the final round between UC Davis, Willamette, Portland State, and Seattle University. Topic for the final round: Bomb Iran. Seattle University was awarded first place.

The Eagles are now preparing for the national tournament which will also be held at Willamette University on April 13- 15.

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