Lucky Charms: Irish National Debate Team at NU!

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Three of Ireland’s top university debaters will face off against American students in March.

A tour of American colleges and universities is the prize for winning the Irish Times Debate Tournament in February. The winning team and the top speaker are chosen each year to travel to American colleges and universities to take part in public debates.

This year it turns out that each of the Irish are medical students.

Eoin Kelleher and Elizabeth Ahern-Flynn of the Royal College of Surgeons were the winning team.

Michael Conroy of the University College Dublin Medical Society was the individual winner.

Besides Northwest University (Kirkland, Washington) the students will travel to 7 other U.S. universities including Western Washington University, Regis University (Denver), University of Utah, University of Miami, Miami Dade College and Florida International University.

The Irish arrive to Kirkland for the Northwest visit on Sunday, March 25.

Monday, 26 take part in a debate with the Eagle Debate team at 4:00 PM in Fee Hall room 7. Topic for the debate: Reject efforts to stop online piracy. The Irish will oppose and NU debaters will propose the motion. There will be six seven minute speeches with one minute floor speeches from the audience at the end.

Then Monday evening at 7:00 PM (correct time is 7:00 PM)  the Irish will join students for a humorous Impromptu Speech Contest event open to all students in Grey- Betty Residence Hall lounge. Everyone welcome to give impromptu speaking a try. This will be a light hearted and enjoyable time. Rules: Each contestant will be given three or four topics and two minutes to prepare a 2 to 4 minute speech. Speakers have one minute to sum up at 4-minute limit.

On Tuesday NU students will give the Irish a tour of Seattle.

On Wednesday they will take part in a debate with Northwest University students at lunch time meeting of Microsoft employees interested in politics and social issues in Redmond. This event is by invitation only. The students will speak to about 100 Microsoft employees. Microsoft invites major speakers and world leaders to speak to the group each month.

Topic for the Microsoft debate will be: Reject efforts to stop online piracy. Three top Northwest Students will affirm the motion. The Irish will oppose.

The Seattle leg of the Irish tour is made possible by a generous grant by the Microsoft Corporation.

The Irish will fly to Denver on Wednesday evening.

Irish Debate Team American Tour

March 17th -20th New York      Depart the 20th, Tuesday, to Bellingham

March 21st -24th NPDA            Depart the 25th, Sunday, to Seattle

March 25th – 28th Seattle          Depart the 28th, Wednesday, for Denver

March 28th-1st Denver                       Depart the 1st, Sunday, for Salt Lake City

April 1st-4th Salt Lake City      Depart the 4th, Wednesday, for Miami

April 4th-8th Miami                             Depart the 8th, Sunday, for Ireland

 Departure from Dublin: March 17, 2012 — Return to Dublin: April 9, 2012

TO NEW YORK.  On Saturday, March 17:  Irish fly from Dublin, Ireland, to New York. Host: Stephen Llano, St. Johns.

More details:

On Sunday, March 18: Irish in NY. Public Debate.

On Monday, March 19: Irish in NY. Sights of New York City.

TO BELLINGHAM, Washington. On Tuesday, March 20 (2 hours north of Seattle):  Irish in NY. Depart for NPDA debate tournament in Bellingham. Host: Brent Northup.

On Wednesday, March 21:  Guests at NPDA. American exhibition Debate at NPDA Nationals.

On Thursday, March 22:  Guests at NPDA.

On Friday, March 23:  Guests at NPDA.

On Saturday, March 24:  NPDA. Championship debate. Irish introduced.

TO SEATTLE. On Sunday, March 25: Depart to Seattle by car with Brent. Host: Gary Gillespie, Northwest University.

On Monday, March 26: Irish in Seattle. Impromptu speech activities on campus.

On Tuesday, March 27: Irish in Seattle. Explore downtown Seattle.

TO DENVER. On Wednesday, March 28: Irish in Seattle. Lunch at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Debate about online censorship at Microsoft.

Depart for Denver late Wednesday afternoon.

Host: Robert Margesson, Regis University. Host School: University of Denver.

On Thursday, March 29: Irish in Denver. Dinner with campus dignitaries. Public debate.

On Friday, March 30:  Irish in Denver. Lunch with Debate team members. Drive to Winter Park ski condo

On Saturday, March 31:  Irish in Denver. Ski at Winter Park.

TO SALT LAKE CITY. On late afternoon Sunday, April 1: Depart late afternoon for Salt Lake City. Host: Michael Middleton, University of Utah.

On Monday, April 2: Irish in Salt Lake City. Tour Salt Lake City, Museum of Natural History.

On Tuesday, April 3: Irish in Salt Lake City. Public Debate.

TO MIAMI. On Wednesday, April 4: Depart Salt Lake City Wednesday evening. Earlier that day, trip to Park City. Miami. Host: Dave Steinberg, University of Miami.

On Thursday, April 5: Irish in Miami. Visit to classes. Public debate.

On Friday, April 6: Irish in Miami. Debate at Miami Dade College.

On Saturday, April 7: Irish in Miami. Beach Day! Plus a debate about the arts at an arts institute.

TO DUBLIN. On Sunday, April 8: Depart for Dublin, Ireland. Arrive in Dublin on Monday, April 9. Irish fly to Dublin, Ireland Sunday afternoon.

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