Analysis of Famous Speeches COMM 3283

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Speeches Change the World!

Do you want to learn how to inspire an audience?

Study famous speakers and the speeches that define turning points in history.

Learn about how historic leaders used the power of speech making to change the world.

Study the masters like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan.









Write two term papers and discuss them in class. Shorter analysis assignments with blog posts.

Open book, open notes online quizzes and assignments.

Study the cultural and historical contexts to enrich your education.

Apply theories for rhetorical analysis and learn how effective speeches are composed.

Enjoy small group discussions of famous speeches.

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Analysis of Famous Speeches

Spring 2015

Tuesday/Thursday at 9:30 AM

With Professor Gary Gillespie

We will look at speeches associated with major wars, including:

Ancient Wars
The Civil War
The Civil War continued — the Civil Right Movement
World War II
The Cold War against communism
The War on Terror

We will use this web page instead of a textbook — impact: you save money.

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory

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(Only need two credits? A two credit  version of this class is available. Contact Gillespie for details).

Analysis of Famous Speeches

With Professor Gary Gillespie





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